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Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Waterdown



Smiling woman after receiving cosmetic dentistry in Waterdown

A smile that has become compromised by stained, chipped, or missing teeth can greatly reduce a person’s willingness to smile—especially in photographs. It’s within human nature that teeth are one of the first things we notice when meeting a new person; they show a person’s health and are also a sign of friendliness. That’s why many patients come see us in Waterdown for cosmetic dentistry services in order to enhance the appearance of their teeth and smile.


More Reasons to Smile

In addition to crowns, bridges and veneers, Dr. Frank Despond also offers cosmetic dentistry services in Waterdown, including tooth whitening, reshaping, and bonding.


Tooth Whitening

How would you like to wake up with whiter, brighter teeth? It’s possible with Nite White® ACP products. Dr. Despond also provides in-office tooth whitening services at our Waterdown location.


For more information about our tooth whitening services give us a call today at 905-689-9090 
Tooth Reshaping or Contouring

Tooth reshaping is a short process and can be done in 30 mins. In this process the dentist removes the tooth enamel with a laser. Long or badly shaped teeth are evened by trimming them out. In the end teeth are then smoothed and polished. 
Teeth Bonding 

A tooth bonding is used to fix decayed, cracked or discolored tooth. It is also used to fix small gaps between teeth.   In this procedure the dentist roughens the surface of the tooth and then applies a liquid which helps the bonding agent to stick to the tooth.  The dentist then applies the composite resin over the liquid and molds the teeth and then hardens the material with an ultraviolet light. 


Get in Touch 

Let’s talk about giving you the smile you’ve always wanted—schedule an appointment with Dr. Frank Despond today to discuss which of our cosmetic dentistry services in Waterdown would most benefit you!

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