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Efficient Custom Mouthguards in Waterdown

Whether on the ice or in for the night, custom-fitted mouthguards are some of the best ways to protect your teeth from excessive grinding, TMJ, as well as many sports-related injuries. Despond Dental Centre in Waterdown provides custom-fitted Pro-form mouthguards by Keystone Industries.


Why Use Custom Mouthguard?

player with mouthguard

A well-designed and custom-fitted mouthguard can go a long way in protecting your jaw and teeth as it supports and cushions the joints of the jaw. Moreover, a mouthguard can greatly reduce the chances of getting a jaw fracture if your jaw suffers a harsh blow. This is also why mouthguards are very popular (almost essential) amongst players of impact sports such as boxing and hockey.


The Procedure of Getting a Mouthguard

Getting a mouthguard is a very easy process. In order to get a mouthguard for yourself, you will typically need only two sittings of 20-minutes each.


The First Sitting

During the first sitting, your dentist will take an impression of your mouth in order to make a custom-fit mouthguard. In this sitting, you can also choose the colour of your mouthguard.


The Second Sitting

During the sitting, you try on your mouthguard and ensure that it is a perfect fir. Once you are satisfied, you can pick up the mouthguard.


Caring for Your Mouthguard

There are some things that you must do in order to care for your mouthguard and ensure that they offer protection to your jaw for a long time.

  • Rinse the dental model after every use and store in the provided case.

  • Replace a child’s mouthguard every year

  • If you are an adult, replace your mouthguard every 3 years.


Contact Us

Keep your smile and stay in the game. Contact us and schedule a mouthguard fitting session with Dr. Frank Despond today to get a custom mouthguard and protect your jaw.

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